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PDF Converter Elite + Portable

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    PDF Converter Elite + Portable

    PDF Converter Elite + Portable

    Solve PDF hassles and save your organization valuable time and money with PDF Converter Elite 5. Convert PDF to Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Publisher. Create, secure PDF and edit PDF. PDF Converter Elite was developed with the business user in mind. Create, convert and edit any type of PDF with ease and for a fraction of a cost of Adobe Acrobat.

    • Save More, Get More
    PDF Converter Elite combines the PDF creation technology of Adobe Acrobat with our own proprietary PDF conversion technology. The result is a single software product with the ability to create PDFs and extract PDFs. And the best part is that it is a fraction of the price of Adobe Acrobat.
    • Complete PDF Management
    PDF Converter Elite offers the complete PDF conversion cycle. From creating PDFs from over 300+ different file types, to the ability to take PDF documents and transform them into editable Word, Excel and PowerPoint documents, PDF Converter Elite is a one-stop software solution.
    • Increase Productivity & Save Time
    PDF Converter Elite will save you time, resulting in thousands of dollars of savings and less administrative headaches. Create PDF documents with our single click add-ons. Our unique PDF conversion and extraction technology lets you convert your documents without having to edit them afterwards.

    PDF Converter Elite Key Features
    • Create PDF
    Create PDF files from 300+ different MS Windows applications. Create 100% compatible PDF files that can be easily viewed in popular PDF viewers such as Adobe Reader, Acrobat and Foxit.
    • Convert PDF
    Take images and text out of a PDF and move them into a different type of file. Convert PDF to Word and retain images and text in editable Word. Our PDF to Excel conversion inputs right into formatted Excel spreadsheets for easy numerical analysis. PowerPoint files locked away in a PDF can be accessed with our PDF to PowerPoint conversion.
    • Scanned PDF Handling
    Working with scanned or image PDFs? Convert text from scanned and image PDFs to Word, Excel and PowerPoint effortlessly.
    • Secure and Protect PDF
    Limit how others use your PDFs by encrypting your PDFs and placing restrictions on how they are used and what can be done with them.
    • Edit and Modify PDF
    Rework your PDF documents by inserting watermarks, numbers, headers, footers and more. Add, delete, extract, rotate and split PDF pages.
    • One Click Conversion
    Take data in and out of PDFs with a single click.
    • More than Just a PDF Tool
    Working with TIFF files as well? Convert them to MS Office formats and much more.

    Updates: official site does not provide any info about changes in this version

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