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VA - DMC Commercial Collection Vol. 438 (2019)

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    Leave on continuous for complete mix is designed and signed as a reference on your choice of several exchangers file. Exclusive mixed triple album CD set from Disco Mix Club is packed with remastered mixes and megamixes for party disco music, a must for any mobile or resident DJ. Mixes include Chart Dance & Urban Pop that feature the latest chart hits. Mixes from Rod Layman, Allstar & Keith Mann, Featuring Sam Smith V's Katy Perry & Little Mix V's Soul II Soul two trackers with Megamixes for Kylie Minogue, Maroon 5 & Cassius!, plus remixes for Taylor Swift, Slick, Jason Derulo & Lil Nas Fe. Billy Ray Cyrus. Strictly DJ Only: Exclusive Megamixes Bootlegs And Remixes!
    DMC Commercial Collection Vol. 438 (2019)
    Electronic, Hip Hop, Reggae, Funk, Soul, Folk, Country, Dance, RnB, Electro, Disco | DMC Records - DMC438
    320 kbps | MP3 | unmixed | 27-06-2019 | 02:37:19 | 360 Mb

    CD 1 (11 / 1:17:36)
    01. Kylie Minogue - Ultimate Pop Princess Mix (Part 1) (Mixed By Rod Layman) 7:30
    02. Kylie Minogue - Ultimate Pop Princess Mix (Part 2) (Mixed By Rod Layman) 6:47
    03. Kylie Minogue - Ultimate Pop Princess Mix (Part 3) (Mixed By Rod Layman) 7:39
    04. Sam Smith Feat. Normani Vs Katy Perry - Dancing With A Stranger Vs Not Really Over (Mixed By Keith Mann) 3:17
    05. Slick - Space Base (Rkl Remix) (Remixed By Rod Layman) 5:51
    06. Spice Girls Vs Herve Pagez, Diplo & Charli Xcx - Wannabe Vs Spicy (Mixed By Mickey Deron) 2:42
    07. Taylor Swift Feat. Brendon Urie - Me (Rkl Remix) (Remixed By Rod Layman) 3:56
    08. Various - Midtempo Summer Dancefloor (Mixed By Keith Mann) 11:18
    09. Various - Scorchin Reggae (Mixed By Kevin 'rastaman' Sweeney 10:15
    10. Various - Summertime Pop (Mixed By Keith Mann) 12:33
    11. Various - The No Name Show Minimix Vol. 001 (Mixed By Stephan Guske) 5:48

    CD 2 (8 / 1:19:42)
    12. Cassius - Tribute Mix (Mixed By Clubheadz) 12:31
    13. Jason Derulo - Want To Want Me (Dmc 2019 Remix) (Remixed By Kevin Sweeney) 5:45
    14. Lil Nas X Feat. Billy Ray Cyrus - Old Town Road (Dmc Remix) (Remixed By Dj Ivan Santana) 4:39
    15. Little Mix Vs Soul Ll Soul - Bounce Back Vs Back To Life (Mixed By Allstar) 4:48
    16. Maroon 5 - Hitmix (Mixed By Kevin Sweeney) 12:37
    17. Various - Summer Dancehall Pool Party (Mixed By Dj Ivan Santana) 10:07
    18. Various - Summer Pop Dance (Mixed By Keith Mann) 16:06
    19. Various - Summer Power Pop (Mixed By Allstar) 13:09

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