God Of War Edition Windows 10 Pro Slim (19043.1378) (x64) Pre-Activated - Ghostviet


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Looney Tunes Edition Windows 10 Pro (19043.985) (x64) with Office Pro 2019 Pre-Activated {Ghost Việt}

This is modified edition of Windows 10, so any kind of error is excepted based in different machines where you will run it. Also, lots of features are added, is based on Windows 10 tweaked edition, Just to give you some better performance along with great features and look.

General Info:
Version: 21H1
OS build: 19043.1387
Arch: x64
Compression: esd
Language: English (you can add your language later)
File Size: 2.9GB
Windows is activated (activators included at desktop folder just in case)

Tweaks :-
Theme added
Wallpapers added
Icon pack added
Dark mode for apps enabled
Dark mode for windows enabled
Auto play is disabled
Ballon notifications is disabled
CD burning features is disabled
Command prompt in directory shift + right click context menu
Open file explorer to THIS PC
Quick access is disabled
Experimentetion is disabled
Location services is disabled
Show accent color on active title bars
Show me windows welcome experience after updates
Show people on the taskbar
Feedback frequency is disabled
Photo viewer is restored
UAC disabled
Allow apps access (all) is disabled
Automatic installation of sponsored app is disabled
Automatically connect to hotspots is disabled
Clipboard history is disabled
Cortan (all) is disabled
Let apps use other devices open apps and continue experiences is disabled
Let apps use user advertising ID is disabled
Let microsoft provide more tailored experiences is disabled
Let winodws collect my activities for this pc is disabled
Let run apps at the background is disabled
Let windows track app launched to improve start and search results
Let windows track opened documents to populate jump lists
Send microsoft info about how I write to help us improve typing is disabled
Bing web results is disabled
Shell bags is disabled
Get tips and suggestions as you use windows is disabled
Meet now taskbar widget is disabled
News and interests are disabled
Quiet hours is disabled
Windows collect my activities from this pc (timeline) is disabled
Telemetry is disabled
added Compact OS Desktop Context Menu
added God Mode in Desktop Context Menu
added personalize to context menu (you can change your themes from there)
added Select Power Plan Context Menu
added App Mode to desktop context menu
added Display settings to desktop context menu
added windows mode to context menu
added safe mode to context menu
added Shut down to desktop context menu
added Open command window here as administrator
added Computer Management to Desktop Context Menu
added Control Panel to desktop context menu
added Grant admin full control to context menu
added Take Ownership to context menu
added System Tools to desktop context menu

Instructions are provided in the files

Note - The Build ISO is tested with Malwarebytes

And for the activator, you can check below

God Of War Edition Windows 10 Pro Slim (19043.1378) (x64) Pre-Activated - GhostViet

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