John Mayall - Jazz Blues Fusion (19722015)



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John Mayall - Jazz Blues Fusion (1972/2015)
Jazz, Rock, Blues, Blues Rock | FLAC (tracks) | Cover | 45:13 | 276 MB + 5% Recovery
Label: | Tracks: 7 | 2015

This is a real gem. It is nearly impossible to agree about favorite recordings in the long career of an artist who maintains a creative arc. It is what stands out at different times that can create some consensus. What was done that was new, fresh, unique, and made you sit up and listen closer? Jazz Blues Fusion is one of these albums. Listening to the instrumentation of some of these songs without knowing it is a John Mayall band first - well you would not guess who it was. Considering it was 1972 and a live recording, it makes it more special. Earlier on, Bare Wires stands alone. So does this one. Other favorites? Talk amongst yourselves.... Just don't miss this one. BTW, who the heck is Freddie Robinson and why haven't we heard more of him?


1. Country Road (6:55)
02. Messin' Around (2:40)
03. Good Times Boogie (8:20)
04. Change Your Ways (3:25)
05. Dry Throat (6:20)
06. Exercise In C Major (8:10)
07. Got To Be This Way (6:15)


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