Windows 11 Windows 11 Pro Phoenix Ultra Lite Build 22000.493 (x64) En-US Pre-Activated


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Windows 11 Pro Phoenix Ultra Lite Build 22000.493 (x64) En-US Pre-Activated



Ultra Lite | Multilingual | PreActivated

Designed to work well on older low spec PC's. Uses significantly less storage space, idle RAM and CPU Processes.

This Build is a Refined version of 'Phoenix LiteOS CleanOS 11 Pro' Build, but without most of the extras and visual customizations. A Blank Canvas for you to Paint. Pure, Clean, Performance Driven. The Themes, icons, wallpaper, lock screen, cursors, Start orb, etc. are all Original Windows 11 version.

The only software that has been installed is StartAllBack. If you don't like it, you can uninstall or disable it. There are a few handy shortcuts, and portable WinAeroTweaker in the Tools Menu, as well as a few files in the 'Extras' Folder for adding a Web Browser, Activation, and changing some system settings if needed.

For members who are not aware, many lite / superlite builds remove many things such as included MS Apps (Defender, Mail, Calendar, OneDrive, BitLocker etc.) and they aren't meant to be brought back. It's intended for people who are looking for a leaner Windows experience, more as a core operating system to run their own apps and games, not depending or relying on MS's included apps, browsers, a/v etc. This build follows that tradition.

Some services and features are also removed / disabled, and Tweaks and Optimizations implemented, which improve performance, reduce resource use, and improve responsiveness and speed.

General Info:
- Title: Phoenix Ultra Lite
- Supported Languages: English during install, Additional Languages after
- Architecture: 64Bit
- Edition: Windows 11 Pro Build 22000.493
- .NET Framework 3.5: Pre-Installed
- DirectPlay: Enabled
- MS Store: Included
- SMB1: Enabled
- SNMP: Enabled
- Network Adapter Drivers: Included
- Bypasses TPM, Secure Boot, RAM, CPU, and Storage Checks
- Treatment type: Predone, Activation script
- Credit: Modded OS By @FBConan

This Build Supports:
- Bluetooth
- WLAN Connectivity
- LAN Printing
- Network Sharing
- Printing
- Mobility Center
- XBOX Controllers
- Touch Keyboard
- On Screen Keyboard
- Tablet Mode
- Wireless Screen Casting
- All Keyboard Nationalities
- All Administrative Tools
- Metered Connection
- Safe Mode
- God Mode
- MS Store
- MS Account
- Language Packs
- UWP Apps
- XBOX Game Pass
- Game Mode
- Developer Mode
- Remote Access
- Right Click cmd and Powershell on Desktop
- Right Click cmd and Powershell in Explorer
- Lock Screen Control
- Small Footprint (2.7 GB Installed)
- And More!...2.802

- Defender
- Cortana
- WinSXS
- WinRE
- Edge
- Speech
- Voice Activation
- WinSAT
- Backup and Restore
- Mixed Reality
- Hyper-V
- OneDrive
- Optional Features
- Bitlocker
- Some Fonts
- Windows Mail
- And more...

- Power Throttling
- Ads
- Automatic Maintenance
- Download Blocking
- Timeline
- Error Reporting
- Telemetry
- Hibernation
- PageFile
- Windows Firewall
- Print Spooler
- Update Service

- This build cannot receive Cumulative Updates, and is intended to be that way. Because of this, the OS will remain stable, and the size of it will not grow exponentially like full Windows installs tend to, but remain the same, and the tweaks, optimizations, and streamlined design will not be altered.
- You will need to ENABLE the Windows Update Service if you want to install additional Language packs, install Apps from the MS Store, use Xbox App, or to let Windows automatically download and install drivers. It is disabled by default, but there is a shortcut to enable it in the start menu (in the 'tools' folder).
- You will need to turn on the Print Spooler Service to Install Printer Drivers, and use a Printer.

Restart system once after installation done, to make activation works proper!

What's New:
- Build Info

Operating System:
- 1 GHz processor (or faster)
- RAM: 2 GB
- Hard Disk Space: 6 GB


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