Windows XP SP3 Integral Edition 2021-12-25



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English Version for Windows XP Integral Edition, Which I used as 2021-05-15 base.

There was nothing major difference, but obviously i had removed Two programs in SVCPACK Folder including Folder Marker and NTFS Link. I know it was CD Capacity reached, but i don't have any choice what to do... Just like Ubuntu 12.10, while we can't burn CD, it is now moved onto DVD (especially can make as USB bootable but i tried in past year using FlashBoot). Unfortunately, i don't have something else for special programs i have. Honestly, i attempted re-add the Firefox Fork (Basilisk) for some reason. In which i know what i want do, but seemingly it will be work fine

Lastly, this marks a Christmas Day. So i hope you enjoyed for Christmas present in the future. We hope it will be in New Year 2022.

As always, Please note however, that I'm using 2021-05-15 base for some reason. While The Integrator Files is not included, i never tried use these.

Special thanks to Ramsey, of which i'm using the base.

Merry Christmas! and Have Fun!
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