Film Impact Premium Video Effects 5.2.2 Pre-Activated [AppDoze]

Film Impact Premium Video Effects 5.2.2 Pre-Activated [AppDoze]

Film Impact Premium Video Effects 5.2.2 Pre-Activated [AppDoze]
Film Impact Premium Video Effects Overview
Premiere Pro Video Effects. Get the fastest native video effects for Adobe Premiere Pro! Rocket-fast plugins with many customization options.

Features of Film Impact Premium Video Effects
Special Video Effects (FX) Now at Your Disposal

Film Impact special video effects integrate seamlessly with the Premiere Pro application.
Whether you’ve wanted to apply Long Shadows, Rounded Crops or Mesmerizing Strokes & Outlines to your logos, texts & illustrations or you’ve been looking to include stunning special effects in your edits with Premiere Pro, it’s now possible.
And the best of it, without much effort!
By trying out our brand new collections of Essential and Motion FXs, your creativity and ease of work will surely get to another level.
Look, when we say it’s our mission to help you deliver your edits faster and with greater excellence, we really mean it!
Creating the Perfect Stroke Effect in Premiere Pro

That’s close to impossible if you rely only on the default Premiere Pro capabilities, but let’s see if we can spice things up a little.
Imagine if you had complete control over stroke placement, starting with the outer & customizing the inner edges of your chosen element? Choosing position & size of the stroke so you can achieve the perfect feel for your visual & match the style with with the rest of your video. How would that expand your skills?
Furthermore, Stroke FX’s rounding option allows for precision tailoring, perfectly emphasizing the natural contours of your elements – be it rounded corners for circular objects or sharp lines for angular designs.
This is what we create – intelligent effects for creative editors!
Did we hear colors? The duo-color feature adds smooth gradients to your strokes making them stand out, instead of reconciling with a default outline that just doesn’t look professional.
Lastly, the alpha fall-off feature, which we love the most, ensures soft edges that blend seamlessly with the background.
Ensuring perfection, the automatic Edge Color Sampling effortlessly integrates the edge color of your graphics into the Stroke to reveal a unified and professional appearance.

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Film Impact Premium Video Effects 5.2.2 Pre-Activated [AppDoze]

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